Found Tutorials

This is a pre-Pinterest, primitive list of various tutorials that I really like/have used from around the Internet. I share a lot of these onĀ twitter, and I wanted to have a place where the links could all live (instead of hunting through my favorites on twitter). Right now it’s relatively short, but it will continue to grow.

Use your hands:

House Plant Cupcakes (Succulents!) // www

Gouache Painting Tutorial // www

Gold Sequin Heart Wall Art // www

Instagram Canvas PrintĀ // www

Flowers from Coffee Filters // www

Fabric Flowers // www

Woven Jersey Bracelet // www

Gold Concrete Dish // www

Scratch Off Tickets // www

Pet Food Station // www

Bokeh // www

Use your computer:

Grid: A Guide to Responsive Design // www

Glitter Type for Photoshop // www

Glitter Type for Illustrator // www

Seamless Pattern in Photoshop // www

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