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16 Jan

banner_600 copy

I got a hankering to make a banner last weekend. After working all week on a computer and then spending time on the computer in the evenings, it’s nice to step away and create something tactile with your hands.

While perusing some banners on Etsy (handmade goods for the win!), I found a few neat banners, but none of them screamed “Buy me!” I was drawn to elements like the contrasting lettering with the plain fabric and including tassels, but none of them were the whole package for me.

While looking at my pile of hoarded art supplies, I realized that I have everything I need to make my own banner. The supply list included fabric (felt in this case), embroidery floss, string, beads, and a stick. I started working on my banner Saturday evening and finished it on Sunday afternoon.

My main goals for the banner design were:

  • Use beads for the lettering instead of stitching or painting
  • Use a very simple color palette
  • Make and add my own tassels
Front and back of the banner. Next time I make one, I'll think more about the back so it's not quite as messy.

Front and back of the banner. Next time, I’ll think more about the back so it’s not quite as messy.


I don’t have a sewing machine so I had to handstitch everything. The imperfections of the handstitching add a warm, homemade quality.

letters_600 copy

I was trying to decide on what I word or phrase I wanted to use. It was between “cheers” and “make.” I don’t really say “cheers” or celebrate with “cheers” so I settled on “make.” It can act as a small mantra to remind myself to keep making things — a reminder to never settle and never sit still!

Bead details.

Bead details.


Beaded lettering detail.

Beaded lettering detail.


I wanted to include beads because a) I have a lot of them and b) beads can add an extra flair to projects (just like gold paint).

banner2_600 copy

There are things I learned that I’ll try to change or improve upon next time I make a banner, but I am pretty pleased with how this one turned out. I have it hanging on the wall right behind my laptop, so it will always remind me to MAKE!

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