never lose your dogs illustration

4 Mar
Detail of the corgi based on Ziggy!
I participated in the Light Grey Art Lab holiday art exchange again last year. I was matched with the wonderfully talented Zara Gonzalez Hoang (check out her work — it’s so great!). She sent me this cute, fun print of...
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ICON8 Reflection: Part 2

20 Jul
The ICON8 presentations on July 11 and July 12 were held in a ballroom at the Portland Museum of Art. What an awesome venue, huh? I love art museums, and was surprised and glad to learn that we were going to...
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ICON8 Reflection: Part 1

18 Jul
What do you get when illustrators, artists, designers, and other creatives put on a conference that’s focused on illustration? Something amazing that leaves you inspired and ready to draw even more! The ICON8 Illustration Conference was just that conference for me. This...
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